1. Saves You Money!
How much do your employees get paid hourly? Do you know that the standard for gas per mile is .56? Not to mention car insurance, regular maintenance, registration, car payments? Also your employees were hired for more than just dropping things off, their productivity is diminished when they have to be taken away from their actual job to do a delivery on the side!
Let us give you back your time and some of your money! With our fuel efficient cars, regular routes and experienced drivers we’re able to accomplish the same deliveries at a fraction of the cost to you! Ask us about our discounts for higher volumes and consistent routes!

2. Risk!
We’re covered! Why take the risk of driving your own car, or even worse sending someone in your stead? We not only cover all of our deliveries with a $1,000,000 policy, but our drivers are trained in defensive driving, and are HIPAA compliant! We take full responsibility for your packages, and guarantee their safe arrival.

3. Convenience!
You’re BUSY! Making a delivery takes you away from making your company more money, Ain’t nobody got time for that! It’s EASY! Just one phone call and we’re on the way. Our drivers are not only fast and efficient, but they’re reliable and accountable for every delivery done! With our tracking software, we will never lose track of your deliveries or their time frames, and for your own peace of mind you can track us online daily!

4.  Speed!

Whether it has to be there by the end of the day, or less than an hour from now, MPC is your only option! We deliver up to 200 miles away daily! Are you going to make your clients wait an extra day or two to receive their test results, or parts to fix their car? We understand the importance of time sensitive items such as blood, lab specimens, x-rays, even auto-parts! Too often “Next Day” just won’t cut it, and that’s where we come in. We’ll get it there in 1-2 hours, not 1-2 days!

5. Professional Standard
We pride ourselves in our professionalism. We have a standard above that of your basic delivery company. We have extensive experience in the medical field, and we’ve learned that our professional attitude and protocols are more than just appreciated, they’re a necessity! Our drivers are dressed in collard shirts and khaki pants, and record signatures for all of your deliveries with brand new iPads, using our state of the art software. We’re not just throwing mail in a truck, we’re delivering your families lab results, or getting your car the parts it needs as quickly and safely as possible.


We are here to make your day easier, save you money and represent your business in respectable professional manner. Give us a call and see for yourself! 775-824-9979

A bit of planning and some simple steps can help save time, money, headaches and avoid disasters on the road.

Have the car checked out to make sure it is fit for summer:

  • Check the air conditioning. You may want to have a professional inspect the entire system;

  • Check the cooling system, and if necessary, get it serviced; and

  • Check the air pressure in all tires, including the spare, to make sure they are properly inflated.

Pack a “just in case” emergency kit in the trunk that includes:

  • A jack and tire iron;

  • Jumper Cables;

  • Flashlight;

  • A can of “Fix-a-Flat” for temporarily sealing and inflating a flat tire; and

  • Water for both the radiator and people.

MPC is expanding everyday. This week we added a new car to the fleet “Steel Wul” Steel WulThis is the 9th car to be added to our fleet. Most are just like this, small fuel efficient Toyota Yaris’ with the exception of a few 4WD vehicles for Reno’s unpredictable weather. So why is it called Steel Wul? We name all of our cars unique names so we can tell them apart, saying the red or grey Yaris doesn’t narrow it down enough. We also have Dorian, Toby, Ole Blue (which is red, don’t ask) Greyback, Wal-mart, Boris, Dora (the  Ford Explorer) and Gator. Their origins range from Harry Potter characters, to the stickers found on the car from the previous owner.Steel wul2
We stand apart from other delivery services that make drivers use their personal vehicles. We take pride in our fleet, servicing them every 5k miles and using high grade synthetic oil. All of this is done so we can be more reliable than any of the competition, and represent your company professionally with a well known local brand. MPC guarantees quality and care that is unmatched.
You may have noticed all of our cars are now decked out with MPC decals all over them, if you see one of our driver’s around town, give them a wave, and always feel free to call the number on the back to let management know how great their doing.


In March of 2011 we implemented software to track our deliveries. Since then we have tracked 34,000 deliveries that were made all over Northern Nevada. That’s a big number for our little company!

A news editorial in Northern Nevada Business Weekly has been published about us!


MPC. Inc. has moved to 884 Freeport Blvd in Sparks NV! This location is equipped with a full warehouse, capable of parking our fleet of vehicles, and storing packing materials for our clients!