Reno’s Premiere Delivery Service Solution

Medical and Professional Couriers or MPC is a Reno based delivery company. We provide Northern Nevada with delivery services unlike any other. Since we specialize, but are not limited to the medical field, we are sensitive to the need for secure, and on time deliveries. We do everything from ship pathology specimens to labs across the country, to deliver gift baskets around the holidays. Our company is in compliance with HIPAA regulations and all employees have signed confidentiality agreements on file.

Representing Your Company

 Our drivers are well dressed in MPC uniforms and courteous, always representing your practice with the utmost professionalism. We deliver in a fleet of fuel efficient well maintained company vehicles. And we use the latest technology, utilizing tracking software and iPads providing a transparent process in which you’re always aware of the status of your package.

Affordable Quality

Ask us for a FREE QUOTE, not only do we provide a level of quality service unheard of among competitors, we are still just as affordable. Every client has different needs, that’s why we build a route that works best for you, whether it’s a one time delivery across town, or a multiple trips to Carson City daily we can make it happen. Still wondering if we can help? Just call 775-824-9979 ext: 3 today!